Mocha Latte Handmade Soap


Ingredients: Saponified oils of, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Cator Oil, Mocha Latte fragrance oil, infused coffee oil


5 oz. Bar


Sincerity Bath & Body makes their soaps from scratch the old fashioned, cold process way. Each ingredient in their soaps have a purpose. They clean well and leave you feeling soft and moisturized.

Soap has got a bad wrap over the years, mainly because people have not really been using soap. They have been using so called Beauty Bars, which contain detergents and chemically laden ingredients. Commercial brand soaps strip the oils from your skin and leave you with dry, tight and itchy skin.

Handmade, cold process soaps retain glycerin which is a powerful humectant, glycerin draws moisture to your skin. Once you try homemade you will feel and see the healing effects on your skin. You can use all the lotion in the world to moisturize your skin. If you continue to use body wash and commercial soaps, the cycle will be endless. Body washes and commercial soaps literally strip the natural oils from your body.




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