Cotton Sea Breeze Soy Candle


The aroma of fresh powder, light musk, and just a hint of fresh spring flowers of daffodils and tulips. Wrap yourself in the tranquility of a cozy beach towel and sand between your toes. Our Cotton Sea Breeze candle brings the vacation to you with its gentle wind-kissed cotton scent that’s sure to whisk you away to sunny days.

Burn Time: 50+ hours



Plant the tag. Flowers will grow!

At Friendly Candle, the focus is on providing the best eco-friendly alternatives for an eco-conscious lifestyle. They use 100% all natural hand poured soy and recycled glass mason jar containers. Their candles burn clean and leave your place smelling great. Their tag is hand stamped on seed paper, which will grow wildflowers whether planted in nature or re-purposing the glass as a planter.

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Weight 16 oz


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