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My first blog post. How exciting is this? Should we throw a party? Bake a cake (um no, I don’t bake). Throw glitter? (I don’t want to clean that up). I’m not sure what blog protocol is. I guess we can start with some proper introductions.

Hello. My name is Susan. I’m a paint addict. I live in a northern suburb of Cincinnati. I have a husband that makes me laugh and 6 kids that make me tired (ok, they make me laugh too). My oldest five children are adopted (three from Korea and 2 out of foster care). Several of my children have special needs. I’m sure we’ll be discussing my kids off and on around here…they definitely give me lots of writing material.

What else do you want to know about me? I started painting 6 years ago. My world changed forever when I discovered Pinterest. I’ll never forget the day I saw my very first pin on painted furniture. A whole new world opened up to me that day!


It only took me a day or two…maybe even an hour or two…to march right out and find a piece of furniture to paint. I found a coffee table at a garage sale for $10 and a chair at a flea market for $15. I painted them charcoal grey, recovered the chair and lightly distressed them both. As much as I didn’t want to let these little babies go, I listed them on Craigslist for $170/set and sold them almost immediately. I couldn’t believe somebody would pay for something I created. Something came alive in me that day!! And so it began.

I found another piece of furniture. And then another. The next thing I knew I was climbing through barns and sifting through flea markets looking for that diamond in the rough. I sold piece after piece after piece. I was addicted. The process of painting and creating was therapeutic. The process of selling was appealing to me as well. Here I am 6 years later and painting full-time. My husband joined me full-time in July 2017. We now specialize in painting kitchen cabinets. To say that I’m blessed is a HUGE understatement. I get to do what I’m passionate about every.single.day. I don’t take that for granted.

My new passion is supporting other creative business owners. There’s something about this breed of people…they are driven, passionate, wildly creative and beyond brilliant. I started my own vintage market that I hold twice a year where it gives other artists a chance to showcase their work. I have also begun to collaborate with artists so that I can offer their handmade products to the whole wide world. You can purchase their quality creations right here on this site.

So, there you have it. I survived my first blog post. I hope you check back often. My hope is that you’ll find some inspiration here. Maybe an idea, maybe some encouragement. Maybe even an idea that will spark a new direction for your own life. Whatever it is…I’m glad you’re here.

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  1. Laurie | 17th Jan 18

    Welcome to the blog world, my creative sister! Many blessings on your web site and markets.

  2. Leslie Dingess | 17th Jan 18

    Nice Susan!! Have fun with this!!

  3. Anita Kennedy | 17th Jan 18

    Beautiful work. I saw your live yesterday. I don’t believe you gave yourself enough credit on your talent in painting! That picture on your blog is such awesome vision/work and awesome design. Somehow it popped up so if you advertised it reached me and I have enjoyed! Love your heart about helping other talented/ artisans!!!

  4. Jennie | 18th Jan 18

    Way to go, Susan! Keep it up! Love it!

  5. Laurie Norris | 19th Jan 18

    Nice first blog Susan you have inspired me to create some furniture pieces I should do more! Maybe I will start. Happy painting 😊

  6. Shari Franklin | 19th Jan 18

    Love, love, love it!!! You are amazing, entertaining, compassionate and brilliant!! Love you too!

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